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Rhythmic Chants for Success — Shiva Shakti — Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Ganapati
2. Sri Ganapati Talam
3. Lakshmi Gayathri
4. Lalitha Sahasranamam
5. Shiva Sakti
6. Sri Dakshinamoorthy Panchatantra Stotram
7. Soorya Suprabatham
Melody and Rhythm Combine in this album with accurately enunciated Sanskrit verses
Brimming with divine vibrations. Giving you a combination that brings success and prosperity for sure. Stotras and chants chockfull with positive emanations of ganesa, the deity who wards away obstacles and gives success and wealth. Lakshmi, the goddess of auspiciousness, Dakshinamurthy, the supreme deity of divine knowledge, and of Shiva, Shakti and lalitha will infuse into you the power of victory and goodness. This album will bring a newt spring to your walk. A divine swing to your gait. 


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