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Rig Veda Pavamana Suktam — Purusha Suktam — Sanskrit Spiritual

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Veda means the ultimate knowledge. They are the revelations or the breath of the ultimate real super human being that ever exists. Among the four Vedas, the Rig Veda is ancient and is the first and foremost scripture that had recorded the date orally transmitted by the Supreme Divine Being.

From time immemorial believed that the vibrations of the Vedic recitation is sacred and fulfills all the human aspirations.

Amongst many suktas recited for various purpose, a few suktas were chosen as the best, as they comprise of spells directed towards the respective divinities to bestow health, wealth, prosperity knowledge and above all to wash away all kinds of sin committed by human beings knowingly or unknowingly.

Hence in this compact dis, purusha Sukta and pavamaana Sukta, are recited with perfect diction on the rig Vedic tradition by Brahmasri C.Satyanarayana Ghanapathi and K.Shyamasundara Bhatta under the guidance of Dr.R.Thiangarajan. 


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