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Vedic Mantra to Attain Career and Success — Saraswati Suktam — Sanskrit

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Buy the Audio CD at: Proper planning, hard efforts, necessary qualification for an endeavour, Will Power and the logical intelligence and ability to work on the possibilities are the keys that open up a career leading to success. «Man is the creator of his own destiny» says Swami Vivekananda. Creating opportunity or grabbing the right opportunity is entirely in the hands of an optimistic person. A strong will coupled with the staunch faith in god fetch the desired fruits. One must deserve for what he desires. A person seeking a career and success in all his endeavours, despite fulfilling the above requirements faces some hurdles caused by the destiny unknown to his reason. At this juncture, the only remedy to overcome his destiny and turn it towards his success and Successful career is to pray to God. It is the effective remedy. Pray your best and leave the rest to God. Prayers through Sanskrit, the divine language to any chosen deity accomplishes one’s aspirations and fulfils the demand of the soul and acts as the healing agent to any problem. Navigate your soul to the Divine Orbit by listening to the transmission of Divine spells and Incantations. Here is a divine sound capsule exclusively meant for getting a prosperous career and success. The followings are the chants: Mahalakshmi Mantras, Asthalakshmi Stotram, Camakam, Kanakadhara Stotram, Aswamedha Mantras, Saraswathi Suktam, Laksmi Narasimha Karavalambha Storam, Ayusya Suktam, Bhagya Suktam, Vani Stavam, and Asirvadam. These hymns are recited with perfect diction by Brahmasri Pudukkottai Mahalinga Sastri, Brashmasri Parasurama Ganaptigal (president Awardee), Dr.R.Thiagarajan (prof.of Sanskrit Presidency College, Chennai) Unni Krishnan (the famous Vocalist) and their team. 1. Mahalaksmi Mantra 2. Asthalaksmi Stotram 3. Camakam 4. Kanakadhara Stotram 5. Ashwamedya Mantras 6. Saraswati Suktam 7. Laksmi Narasimha Karavalambha Stotram 8. Ayusya Suktam 9. Bhagya Suktam 10. Vani Stavam 11. Asirvadam 


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