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Morning and Evening Mantras — Suprabatham and Mangalams — Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Ganapathi Suprabhatham
2. Ucchishta Ganapathi Suprabhatham
3. Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham
4. Yogalakshmi Narasimha Suprabhatham
5. Soorya Suprabhatham
6. Shirdi Saibaba Suprabhatham
7. Ganapathi Mangalam
8. Balatirupura Sundari Mangalam
9. Nataraja Mangalam
10. Saraswathi Mangalam
11. Srinivasa Mangalam
12. Yogalakshmi Narasimha Mangalam
13. Sundarshana Mangalam
14. Soorya Mangalam
15. Sanaischara Mangalam
16. Navagraha Mangalam
17. Hanuman Mangalam
Invocation to Deities is of different kinds. We praise and pray to the deity to secure the grace of them. Suprabhatham is a mode of prayer done early in the morning as if awakening the Lord, though the Lord is ever awake. By praising, the Glory of the chosen Deity early in the morning keeps the devotees confident and fresh throughout the day and protects them from evil influences.

Mangalams are the auspicious ending of prayers, the effect of which is to conclude and endeavor with a wuspicious end. Here is a rare collection of Suprabhatham and Mangalams from available sources. They are Ganpathi Suprabhatham, Ucchishta Ganapathi Suprabhatham, Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham, Yogalakshmi Narasimha Suprabhatham, Soorya Suprabhatham, Shirdi Saibaba Suprabhatham, Ganpathi Mangalam, Balatrirupura Sundari Mangalam, Nataraja Mangalam, Saraswathi Mangalam, Srinivasa Mangalam, Yogalakshmi Narasimha Mangalam, Sundarshana Mangalam, Soorya Mangalam, Sanaischara Mangalam, Navagraha Mangalam, and Hanuman Mangalam. 


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