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सौदामनी (सौदामिनी)

  • f. lightning; N. of sev. women.
  • (fr. सु-दामन्, ‘ इन्द्र’ or ‘a cloud’) lightning or a partic. kind of lightning
  • perhaps forked lightning ( विद्युत् सौदामनी यथा, ‘after the manner of forked lightning’) MBh. Kāv. &c.
  • N. of a daughter of कश्यप and विनता VP.
  • N. of a यक्षिणी Kathās.
  • N. of a daughter of the गन्धर्व हाहा ib.
  • N. of an अप्सरस् Bālar.
  • N. of a sorceress Mālatīm.
  • N. of part of the सु-दामन् mountain (accord. to some) .
सौदामनी : Wilson Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2nd Ed. 1832)    Report an error about this Word-Meaning
f. (-नी)

  • 1. Lightning.
  • 2. A courtesan of INDRA’S heaven.
  • 3. Part of the S’udáman mountain: see the next.
सौदामनी : Cappeller Sanskrit-English Dictionary (1891)    Report an error about this Word-Meaning
सौदामनी, सौदामिनी, (±विद्युत्) 
सौदामनी : Electronic Monier Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary (2nd Ed. 1899) by Vl. Leonchenko (2018)


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