Shiva Sankalpa – Mantras of Mystic India – Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Shiva Sankalpa
2. Brahadaranyaka Upanishad —
3. (Asva Brahmana, Agni Brahmana)
4. Prahaladha Charitham
5. Om Sri Ramaya Namaha
6. Purusa Suktam
7. Aditya Hridayam
8. Sudharshana Kavacham
9. Sri Rama Kavacham
10. Mahishasura Mardhini Stotram
11. Badra Suktam
12. Gana Paatam
The greatest step in the history of mankind was taken by the Vedic seers of India around five thousand years ago. When they pierced through the iron curtain of death shrouding man and experienced immortality and infinitude. Their path-breaking experiences are gathered in the Vedic lore, not as the work of human beings however great, but as the revelations of the Supreme. This rare album distills some beautiful Vedic hymns as well as powerful mantras from the post-vedic period. The Siva Sankalpa rings in the ancient tones of auspiciousness, while the Brihadaranyaka Upanishad sections (Braahmanam) I and II of the first chapter) take us right into the heart of the ancient search. Speaking in the context of the great Aswamedha sacrifice, the passages assert that knowledge of the Supreme Brahman alone is capable of freeing the soul from all its limitations. The purusha Suktam gives us a glimpse of the Cosmic from of god. Chants (Om Sri Ramaya Namaha). Powerful hymns (Mahishasuramardini) time tested recitals for all round well-being (Aditya Hridayam), protective chants (Sundarshna Kavacham) and Vedic benedictions (Bhadra Suktam) also form part of this valuable album. A remarkable array of effective mantras. 


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