Śiva ( /ˈʃɪvə/; Sanskŗta: शिव Śiva, meaning «auspicious one») is a major Hindu deity, and is the destroyer god or transformer among the Trimūrti, the Hindu Trinity of the primary aspects of the divine. God [More]
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Buy this Audio CD at:http://www.superaudio.in/hanuman-hanuman-sahasra-namavali-p-103.html or www.musicandchants.com God has never failed to respond to the sincere appeal for help and protection made by men with faith and hope. He gets Himself» «bound» by their devotion [More]
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The Veṅkaṭeśa suprabhātam was composed around 1430 A.D. by Prativādibhayaṅkara Śrī Anantācārya , the Rāmānujācārya of Kanchipuram. The poet was a disciple of Swami Manavala Mamuni, who composed Sri Ranganatha Suprabhatam. Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatam consists [More]
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