Grammar Workbook: Grammar Grades 7-8 Review

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This Grammar Workbook is a modern grammar text adapted from intermediate English grammar books written by Emerson and Bender. The original texts were designed to «meet the needs of intermediate grades in public and private schools.» Because modern schools vary in the degree to which they teach grammar, some students will find this workbook easy, others challenging, and others just right.This illustrated grammar workbook teaches middle school children the grammar concepts they need to know before proceeding to more advanced lessons.The lessons are extremely well explained and are easy to understand, giving students the opportunity to develop a solid foundation in grammar.Included are the study of:types of sentences compound sentences complex sentences appositives prepositional phrases verb tenses verb phrases principal parts progressive aspects and emphatic forms active and passive voice pattern one sentences pattern two sentences pattern three sentences pattern four sentences pattern five sentences adjective clauses noun clauses adverbial clauses participles gerunds infinitives and more (Also includes sentence composition, allowing students the opportunity to apply the grammar they’ve learned.)An excellent grammar book because it makes grammar easy to understand and easy to learn.


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