Inner Power of Mantras — Ashirvadha Mantra — Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Brahadaranyaka Upanishad Chapter II (Sec) 1
2. Sri Rudram
3. Chamakam
4. Om Arunachaleshwaraya Namaha
5. Sri Sudharsana Gayatri
6. Lalitha Pancharatnam
7. Shyamala Gayathri
8. Mrutyunjaya Mantra
9. Aasirvadha Mantra
A Mantra is more than uttered prayer, more than physical sound. It is a potent Compelling force, as it consists of words of power. By the chanting and repetition of a mantra. Or by meditation on it (through hearing), the deity is attained and compelled to act in one’s favour. For, the mantra of a deity is the deity itself. Sincerity, devotion and steadfastness in chanting and hearing mantras transform a person and brings spiritual clarity and balance. ‘ Inner Power of Mantras’ begins with a rare chanting that reinforces the Vedantic truth that all organs, gods and worlds emanate from the Supreme self as little sparks from a fire (Brihadaranyaka, Section I of Part II). The incantatory effect of this sublime Upanishad passage casts a divine spell on the listener. The Rudram and Chamakam are powerful hymns from the Veda, and are chanted to this day in most Siva temples. Also called Namakam, Shatarudriya and Rudropanishad, the Rudram which occurs in the Yajur Veda is said to be superior to all the Vedas put together. Freedom from the effects of past sins, right knowledge and release from bondage are the effects of devout listening to the chanting of Rudram and Chamakam. Om Arunachaleswaraaya Namaha (addressed to the Lord of the Spiritual hill, Tiruvannamalai), Sir Sundarshana Gayatri (success in endeavours, triumph over inimical forces), Sri Shyamala Gayatri (mastery over subjects, power of discrimination) and Mritynijaya Mantra (health, freedom from disease longevity) are among other powerful mantras in this album. The Lalitha Pancharatnam brings good fortune, knowledge, and great happiness. A priceless array of mantras. 


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