Sankata Hara Chaturthi Pooja — Sanskrit Spiritual

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Sages, pleading for those much afflicted with struggles and sorrows, approached Lord Kumara and asked him for the path of permanent happiness, at once Lord Kumara suggested that if one performs the Sankatahara Chaturthi Pooja, done to Lord Vinayaka and follows the Vrata, and his life will be happy and prosperous. This Vrata was suggested by His brother Lord Vinayaka himself as a remedy for his mother Parvati, when despite her severe performed this on the advice of Lord Krishna and conquered the war. Further, Lord Shiva himself undertook the austerity prior to his burning Tripura. Lord Indra desirous of ruling over the three worlds and Lord Hanuman prior to starting his search for Sita performed this Vrata. The emperor Harishchandra also performed this Vrata to keep the people of his empire happy!

It is believed that the practice of this vrata bestows high educational acumen, knowledge wisdom, progeny and a disease free life! The day of performing this Pooja every month is generally notified in the Indian Calendars and almanacs. 


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