Sri Gayatri Mantra — Sanskrit

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Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra. Are
Gayatri Mantra Increases Learning Power
Gayatri Mantra Increases Concentration
Gayatri Mantra Gives Us Money And Wealth
Gayatri Mantra Relates Or Correlates Us With God
Gayatri Mantra Gives Us Power
Gayatri Mantra Has Scientific Wording Which Is Very Useful For Patient If He Pronounciate It .
Gayatri Mantra Is Started From Om So It Has Also Safety Power From Every Diseases , Enemy Or Any Accident
Gayatri Mantra Is Very Useful For Peace.
Gayatri Mantra Is First Step To Go To The Way Of Spiritual Road
Different Books Like Vades , Puran , Gita , Upnishad Gives Its Large Importance .
So Chant Gayatri Mantra And Enjoy The Life

Chanting renditions by a team of Sanskrit Scholars under the guidance of Prof. Thyagarajan


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