Sriman Narayaneeyam — Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Dhyanam
2. Bhagavadswaroopam & Mahatmiyam
3. Dhruva Charitham
4. AjamilaMoksha
5. Prahalada Charitham
6. Balidarpa Samnam
7. Ramayana Hanuman Samagama
8. Krishnavataram
9. Kaleeya Mardanam
10. Govindabhishekam
11. Rasakreeda
12. Veda Stuti
13. .Kesadi Padavarnanam
The Narayaneeyam is the heart of rending devotional hymn by Melpatur Narayana Bhattalin (16th century) Narayaneeyamidentifies «Guruvaurappan» with «Narayana». The Narraneeyam is a touching hymn and a source of spiritual power of the million of devotees of Lord Guruvaurappan. It extols the greatness of the Lord of Guruvayur. It is said, that Narayana Bhattadiri was suffering from rheumatism and to cure his illness he composed more than a thousand «slokas»-(1036)- in praise of Lord Guruvayurappan an recited them before the deity. The sloka, divided into hundred «Dasakas», contain the essence of Sreemad Bhagavata. They explain the ten «Avataraleela (episodes of Vishnu’s incarnations) and every «Dasaka» ends with the prayer to the Lord Guruvayurappan to cure the poet’s illness. He was cured by the grace of Guruvayurappan. Ultimately the aim of Narayaneeyam is «Moksha» or Salvation. The recitation of Narayaneeyam an epitome of the Bhagavatam, bestows the benefit secured out of reading the entire Bhagavata. Here the poet gives an inspired and inspiring vision of Sri Krishna that was fully revealed to him, starting from the dazzling halo of lusture gradually culminating into that lovely, divine form. «The consciousness of the reciter or the hearer of recitation is led step by step the exclaims with Bhattadiri. «Agre Pasyami (Him I see before me)» in the last dasaka. 


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