Hello friends,In this video I will show you»How to Improve your communication Skill as well as your Pronunciation «in an easy way .
Learn English alphabet (ABC) pronunciation. The English alphabet consists of 26 letters.\r\r▶ To learn the correct pronunciation:\r\r— First listen to the whole alphabet.\r\r— Then listen to the spelling of some example words for each letter.\r\r☞ [More]
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Hello. Welcome to www.engvid.com — not «EngWid». Today, I’m going to teach you the difference in pronunciation between a «V» and a «W». That’s «U» times two. In some parts of America — I don’t [More]
Hello Friends! I am Raju sagar Welcome to my dailymotion channel «Samjhte Raho» About this video— In this video, you will learn that vowels ( e, ea, ee, ie, ) make same sound in the [More]
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PM Modi sanskrit tweet vs Shashi Tharoor English tweet. Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has become a topic of discussion in the social media about the use of very complex English words in recent times. On [More]
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