Hanuman, is a Hindu god and an ardent devotee of Rama. He is a central character in the Indian epic Ramayana and its various versions. He also finds mentions in several other texts, including Mahabharata, [More]
Buy the DVD at: http://www.superaudio.in/devotional-dvds-hanuman-dvd-p-1760.html or http://www.musicandchants.com/ Man becomes divine by constantly contemplating on the divine qualities of the divine beings. Eulogies on the extraordinary divine characters is to rejuvenate the innate powers that everybody [More]
Buy this Audio CD at:http://www.superaudio.in/gayatri-mantras-108-japa-mantras-hanuman-gayatri-mantra-p-4327.html or www.musicandchants.com Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/superaudiomadras andhttps://twitter.com/musicandchants The Gayatri Mantra is both a mantra and a prayer… the most rewarding offering of the ancient Vedas of India. It is called [More]
Buy this Audio CD at:http://www.superaudio.in/hanuman-hanuman-sahasra-namavali-p-103.html or www.musicandchants.com God has never failed to respond to the sincere appeal for help and protection made by men with faith and hope. He gets Himself» «bound» by their devotion [More]
Buy this Audio CD at:http://www.superaudio.in/other-mantras-gayatri-mantra-hanuman-lakshmi-surya-kali-p-3011.htmlor www.musicandchants.com Follow us on: https://www.facebook.com/superaudiomadras andhttps://twitter.com/musicandchantsGAYATHRI MANTRA 1) Om Bhur Bhuvaha Suvaha That Savitur Varenyam — Dhiyo Yonaha Prachodayaat. HANUMAN GAYATHRI 2) Om Aanjaneyaaya Vidmahe Vaayuputraaya Dheemahi — Thanno Hanuman [More]
Buy this Audio CD at http://www.superaudio.in/hanuman-hanuman-chalisa-stotras-p-102.htmlHanumad Gayatri, Hanumad Dhyanam, Hanuman Chalisa, Hanumad Bhujangam, Hanumad Pancha Ratnam, Hanumad Ashtakam, Hanumad Sahasra Namam and Mangalam. Recited by Dr. R. Thiagarajan and his team.