Buy this Audio CD at: or Follow us on: and Gayatri Mantra is the greatest offering of the great sages of India. It is the most powerful combination of sounds and words the [More]
le chemin de la spiritualité ! Suivez le guide et ne soyez que celui qui voit tout… Bon voyage, Om…
Buy this Audio CD at: or Follow us on: and Meaning of The Gayathri Mantra1. Aum — Brahma2. Bhoor — Embodiment of Vital Spiritual Energy (Pran)3. Bhuvah — Destroyer Of Sufferings4. Swaha — [More]
Benefits Of Gayatri Mantra. AreGayatri Mantra Increases Learning PowerGayatri Mantra Increases ConcentrationGayatri Mantra Gives Us Money And WealthGayatri Mantra Relates Or Correlates Us With GodGayatri Mantra Gives Us PowerGayatri Mantra Has Scientific Wording Which Is [More]
Sanskrit Chant — Gayatri Mantra
Sanskrit Mantra Yoga: Pronunciation (the least you need to know)
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Buy this Audio CD at: or Ganapathy Saraswathi VandhanaGayathri Mantra16 Names GanapathyMrutyunjaya MantraSri Rajagopala Moola MantraSri Kamalathmika (Dasamaha Vidya)Mahalakshmi MantraLakshmi DandakamSri StuthiHanuman GayathriHanuman AshtothramAasirwadha MantraMantra is that which frees the individual from sin, and [More]