Buy this Audio CD at: or Follow us on: and Mantras are the mystical formulae of sound or tune and their repetition has a primary and a greater value than the actual meaning [More]
Online Purchase Partner :… Artist: Kasinath Sarma, N.s.prakash RaoComposer: J.Purushotama Sai Sarvadevatha Ashtothara Sathanamavali — Sanskrit DevotionalTrack Listings:-1. Vigneshwara2. Vishnu3. Siva4. Sri Rama5. Sri Krishna6. Sri Anjaneya7. Sri Venkateshwara8. Sri Subramaniya9. Lakshmi10. Saraswathi11. Parvathi
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Buy this Audio Cd at: or 1. Achamanam 2. Pranayamam 3. Vigneshwara Puja 4. Mahasankalpam5. Kalasa Puja 6. Ghanta Puja 7. Aavahanam 8. Sri Rudra Abhisekam9. Upacharam 10. Sri Rudra Trishati Archana11. Naivedyam [More]
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Buy this Audo CD at: or Those whose moon sign is Kumbha (Acquarius) come under the influence of Planet Saturn (Who stands in this case for zest for education, divine pujas and longevity). They [More]
Buy this Audio CD at: or Follow us on: and 1. Atma Shatakam: The great Adi Shankara (first Shankaracharya) of the eighth century summarized the entirety of Advaita Vedanta (non-dualistic philosophy) in six [More]
This God of knowledge and the remover of obstacles is also the older son of Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesha is also called Vinayak ( knowledgeable ) or Vighneshwer (god to remove obstacles). He is worshipped, [More] Non-Translatables is a path-breaking and audacious attempt at Sanskritizing the English language and enriching it with powerful Sanskrit words. It continues the original and innovative idea of nontranslatability of Sanskrit, first introduced in the [More]
Sri Kandhimathi Slokam — Sanskrit Devotional Song Sung By Bombay Sharadha
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