Dasamaha Vidya Stotrani — Sanskrit Spiritual

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1. Sri Ganapati — Gayatri, Mantram & Stotram Moolamantras
2. Sri Kali
3. Sri Tara
4. Shodaseekalyani
5. Sri Bhuvaneswari
6. Sri Chinnamastha
7. Sri Bairavi
8. Sri Dhoomavathi
9. Sri Bagalamuki
10. Sri Mathangi
11. Sri Kamalathmika
Dasamaha vidyas are manifestations of several powers and personalities of ultimate mother of universe. Each is a particular cosmic function and each leads to a spiral realization of «One Reality». The might of «Kali», the sound face of «Tara», the beauty and bliss of «Shodasakalyani», the vast vision of «Bhunvaeswari», the effulgent charm of «Bhairavi» the striking force of «Chinamasha «, the silent inertness of «Dhumavati» the paralyzing powers of «Bagalamukhi», the expressive play of «Matangi» and the concord and harmony of «Kamalatmika», are the various characteristics.

The forms of «Universal Mother» are highly entitled in Puranas and Tantras. Worship of these forms fulfills all desires; bestow magical powers and ultimately salvation of devotees.

This compact disc contains the moolamantras, gayatris and stotras to sri ganapati, sri kali, sri tara, sri shodasi, sri bhuvaneswari, sri chinnamasha sri bhairavi sri dhoomavati, sri bagalamukhi, sri matangi and sri kamalatmika.

The above are melodiously chanted in spiritual tunes, by mrs.Prema Rangarajan, with perfect diction under the guidance and supervision of Dr.R.Thiagarajan, the HOD of MR.Manikkavinagama, the Music Director. 


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