How to Pronounce PRONUNCIATION — 60-sec. Pronunciation Quick Fix

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Hi, I’m Heather Hansen, Clear Speech Specialist at English Pronunciation Lab, and I’m here today with your 60-second, Pronunciation Quick Fix.

This is where I show you how to correctly pronounce a commonly mispronounced word in 60 seconds or less.

Today’s word is: PRONUNCIATION

Pronunciation, Pronunciation…
5 syllables, word stress on the second to last syllable: pro-nun-ci-A-tion.

This really is a quick fix because usually the problem with this word is that people confuse the pronunciation of the verb «to pronounce» with the noun «pronunciation».

Let’s take a look at the spelling. The word «pronounce» is spelled with an ‘o-u-n-c-e’ at the end. That «o-u» is what makes the OW sound — pronOUnce.

Now look at pronunciation. There is not an «o-u», just a «u». «N-u-n,» like a nun in a church. And that’s exactly how it’s said as well. Pronunciation.

Let’s use the word in a few sentences:
«I need to practice my pronunciation»
«What’s the correct pronunciation of that word?»
«Your pronunciation is great!»

So there you have it! «Pronunciation» in under 60 seconds!

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