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Sri Kandhimathi Slokam — Sanskrit Devotional Song Sung By Bombay Sharadha
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Morning Sanskrit News (27th June 2015)
Album : Yashoda KrishnaMusic Composed by : Sri Sarthchandra KumarSong Name : SaarasamukhisakalbhagyadeSinger : M.V.Kamala RamaniLyrics by : TraditionalLanguage : Sanskrit Subscribe to our Youtube Channel : Like us on FB :
This God of knowledge and the remover of obstacles is also the older son of Lord Shiva. Lord Ganesha is also called Vinayak ( knowledgeable ) or Vighneshwer (god to remove obstacles). He is worshipped, [More]
The Venkatam hill is believed to be a part of the celestial Mount Meru brought to the earth from Vaikuntam by Garuda (Lord’s vehicle), say the Puranas. The Hills are said to be a manifestation [More]