ALPINE PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS SINGING SANSKRIT VARNAMAALA SONG FOR SANSRIT DAY 2017-18 Under the Guidelines of Chinmaya M.Rao (Music Dept. Alpine Public School) & Vinay Bhat Bidrakan (Sanskrit Dept.Alpine Public School) About ALPINE PUBLIC SCHOOL [More]
Buy this Audio CD at: or Ganapathy Saraswathi VandhanaGayathri Mantra16 Names GanapathyMrutyunjaya MantraSri Rajagopala Moola MantraSri Kamalathmika (Dasamaha Vidya)Mahalakshmi MantraLakshmi DandakamSri StuthiHanuman GayathriHanuman AshtothramAasirwadha MantraMantra is that which frees the individual from sin, and [More]
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Vyakarana Kakshya (Sanskrit Grammar Classes) LSK-1 1.1
Vyakarana Kakshya (Sanskrit Grammar Classes) LSK-1 13.1
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Most of us might know that Maharishi Panini was the father of Sanskrit grammar. But not many people know the story of how Lord Shiva inspired Panini to write Sanskrit grammar and also his most [More] Download A Higher Sanskrit Grammar For the Use of School and College Students PDF Free
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Vyakarana Kakshya (Sanskrit Grammar Classes) LSK-2 6.1 E-book This book is the revision of the book «Sanskrit Grammar for Vedanta Students.» This series provides basic Sanskrit grammar which is sufficient to allow the student to read slokas and commentaries on Bhagavad [More]