Sanskrit (saṃskṛtam) Vedic Prayers (Hindu Tradition, Tamils) | Psychic Reading, Astrology and Family Counselling Sri Kandaswamy priest also does: Psychic Readings on Tuesday and Friday morning (10:00-12:30) — during this time devotees line up [More]
Buy this Audio CD at: or Follow us on: and 1. Ganesha Dhyanam 2. Ganesha Dhyanam3. Soorya Gayathri & Kavacham 4. Hayagriva Gayathri5. Sri Lakshmi Hayagriva Dandakam6. Durga Abhadhudharana Stotram 7. Dhyanam8. Bhagavadswaroopam [More]
Buy this Audio CD at: or 1. Shri Guru Stuthi2. Ganesha Stuthi3. Shiva Stuthi4. Shanmugha Stuthi5. Narayani Stuthi6. Lakshmi Stuthi7. Saraswathi Stuthi8. Vishnu Stuthi9. Havagriva Stuthi10. Rama Stuthi11. Krishna Stuthi12. Navagraha Stotrani13. Garuda Stuthi14. [More] I prayed to Jesus Christ for about 20 years and it did jack for me. I was still a virgin. The Dallas Cowboys did not win a superbowl after 1978 until 1992. I was [More]
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Prayers to Sun -Hawaiian / Sanskrit
Buy this Audio Cd at: or Sanskrit hymns and mantras have the special power of conferring divine blessings. They emanate light, consciousness and power as the roots of Sanskrit words derive from deeper truth. [More]
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