Buy this Audio CD at: or www.musicandchants.com1. Mrytunjaya Gayatri2. Mrytunjaya Sahasranamam3. Mrytunjaya Kavacham4. Mrytunjaya Stotram5. Vasishtha Krita Stotram6. Mrytunjaya Manasika Puja StotramMrytunjaya is the manifestation of Lord Shiva as conqueror of Death. Worship of Maha [More]
Buy the CD at: The dance of Shiva is the Cosmic Dance of joy. Every name of Shiva is a fount of auspiciousness. Happiness Infinite and Joy Abounding are the rewards of those who [More]
Buy this Audio CD at: or Follow us on: and The Hindu scriptures assure mankind of immortality, not as the reward for a religious or righteous life but as the consequence of one’s [More]