Buy this Audio CD at: or Those whose moon sign is Simha (Leo) come under the influence of the Sun (who stands, among other things, for brilliance, valour and excellence in education). They are [More]
Challenge To all Hindu Sanskrit Researchers Do not tell the false story or history of discovery of zero Are you know, Zero not a number, numeral or digit. It has no physical body. This is [More]
extrait tiré du site d’un entretien intitulé: Le génie du sanskrit avec Alain Porte interwiev : Olivier Germain Thomas Pour accéder à l’intégralité de la vidéo, allez sur: pour être informé de nos [More]
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MACEDONIANS ARE THE OLDEST WORLD’S NATION Macedonians belong to the «older» Mediterranean substratum…Macedonians are not related with geographically close Greeks, who do not belong to the «older» Mediterranenan substratum…;jsessionid=1337AECE34A045AB0F15E458410BE398.d01t04 [More]
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