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Vastu Shastra prescribes certain best practices to be followed when constructing a Home. Also Vastu Puja by the various Vastu Shanthi Mantras has been prescribed in the Holy Vedas to be followed before a person [More]
GAURI MAHESAN PUJA Sometimes the Marriage of a Boy or a Girl is unduly delayed due to one or the other petty reasons or without any obvious reason at all, and we are unable to [More]
Shri Lakshmi Narayan Avahanam Lakshmi Narayan Avahanam is performed for prosperity, material abundance,goodluck,harmony and spiritual prosperity. To remove troubles that prevent us from starting a spiritual path or business.Laxmi is the goddess of wealth and [More]
Buy this Audio CD at: or 1. Shri Guru Stuthi2. Ganesha Stuthi3. Shiva Stuthi4. Shanmugha Stuthi5. Narayani Stuthi6. Lakshmi Stuthi7. Saraswathi Stuthi8. Vishnu Stuthi9. Havagriva Stuthi10. Rama Stuthi11. Krishna Stuthi12. Navagraha Stotrani13. Garuda Stuthi14. [More]
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Появился свежий перевод Бхагавадгиты, выполненный В.. Тихвинским и Ю.Густяковым. Это добротный и высоко художественный перевод. Публикуется с согласия авторов. В.Тихвинский_Ю.Густяков_Бхагавадгита_2019
Buy this CD at: Follow us on: and Title: VinayakAlbum Ref Number: SA VCD 5001BAR CODE: 823524050012 Lord Ganapati is a powerful and popular God. He is worshipped in Temple’s shires and in [More]
Vande Bhāgavatam by Jagadguru Rāmabhadrācārya (Sanskrit Arati)
Buy the DVD at: or Man becomes divine by constantly contemplating on the divine qualities of the divine beings. Eulogies on the extraordinary divine characters is to rejuvenate the innate powers that everybody [More]
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